It seems like many moons ago that I thought I'd be heading off in my little campervan to France. Alas all the 'Brexit' rubbish started to ruin that idea (what got into the British!!) and when 'coronavirus' arrived...I was just not going anywhere!

So here's a couple of pictures to remind me of the week I spent hanging out at Mont St.Michel...finding an 'image' if I could. These were just 'fun pics' I knew at the time. Now they bring back the 'memory of the moment'which photos do so well.


As Joni Mitchell said "In France they kiss on Main Street"...well anywhere really. 


"Can you hear me?"
He actually was wearing red! But there was a 'red filter' on my Leica Monochrom at that moment...and I love the way it turned his outfit white.

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