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I'm a photographer based in Dorset, England.

The black and white image has more relevance to me, so I shoot monochrome as I prefer it's graphic nature and greater distance from reality. I have returned to using a film Hasselblad, but relish the control that digital post production provides and using Jone Cone's 'Piezography' inks I am able to make superb monochrome prints that exceed the quality of any darkroom silver prints I could ever make.

My greatest influence would be Michael Kenna. He photographs at the times of day, or more often night, when other photographs put their cameras away and I find the simple beauty of his 'minimal' images very compelling. Photography is often about 'what you leave out'.


My photography stopped when I was busy working in a television sound career which started at Anglia TV in 1966, through my years in the 70's at LWT and Limehouse and the freelance mixing years until opening my own post production suite in 1996 which I ran until 2010.

My earliest photographic images though were of made of aircraft, as a teenager living at RAF Changi in Singapore. I have over the last few years printed many of these and have put many now on this website. The more I return to these old negatives the more I enjoy them so I hope others find them pleasing.

David Taylor

Litton Cheney, Dorset.



Michael Kenna                                     www.michaelkenna.com




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