My colleague Graham Hix mixing 'Racing' for World Of Sport in London Weekend TV Unit 1 OB in June 1978.

In a 'previous life' I was a TV Sound Supervisor and thought it was time to recall some of the 'early days' as there is so little around about those times and the much more basic technology we worked with then. 

So I've started with some posts on my 'Blog' pages about my beginnings at the Anglia Television sound department in 1966. 

The photo above is from a few years later in 1978 and shows the sound cubicle in London Weekend TV's OB Unit 1 with my Graham Hix mixing a horse racing OB using the fairly recently installed Helios console. Dick Swettenham of Helios built outstanding recording studio desks and this 24 channel/8 group/2 op console may have been the first 'broadcast' Helios desk and was purpose built for our  requirements. 

At LWT we were expected to mix all the variety of programmes we produced, so even though I was usually in the studios, perhaps doing a sit-com, chat show or music....I was still scheduled to OB's like this one occasionally.
'John P. Hamilton', a much loved OB director, can see be seen in the production area, through the window in front of Graham. 'John P' did his own 'vision mixing' on a racing OB like this. 

I'll get around to talk about LWT and then my subsequent years at Limehouse Studios and freelancing, in future posts.

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