Summer 1960 and in June I was 13. This the first photo I took that was worth showing and that's because the light and the setting make it a worthwhile image for me. Oh and it helps that I managed to get it in focus as well!
It's an F-100D Super Sabre at Lakenheath, taken with my father's old (even then) Agfa Isolette 6x6 camera. I was usually too far away from the aircraft at Lakenheath, but on this occasion they had parked one of the gorgeous looking Super Sabres close enough to the boundary fence for me to get a decent shot and luckily there was even a mechanic doing some servicing.

I only really like aircraft pictures with some 'meaning' to them......I need something to be happening and not a static parked plane. Alas some of my aviation images shouldn't therefore 'make the cut' but people do like to see planes from the past and aren't as picky about the photo qualities I have found.

I'll write some more about my trips to Lakenheath (and Mildenhall) in my blog.

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